About Monoimplant

The immediate loading of the Monoimplant is due to the following key factors: The principle of bicortical penetration and since Monoimplant is a one-piece monolithic system, it already includes an abutment at the top of the implant.


Unlike most previous systems, Monoimplant implants are meant to be fixated between both cortical bone sites of the jawbone: Entry point and exit point. This connection provides very strong primal stability since the cortical bone can carry an enormous amount of load right away, unlike the much weaker trabecular (cancellous) bone, in terms of stability. Having no need for the bone to heal and the implant to gain initial stability, the patient can easily chew and apply pressure onto the implant installation site without it becoming loose.

One-piece system

As a one-piece system, Monoimplant has the advantage of occupying less space than a conventional two-piece. That is due to the absence of the relatively wide well for the abutment to be screwed in. Since the implant occupies less space, less bone is lost and therefore, the bone requires less healing time.