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Monoimplant Course In Islamabad

Islamabad: A one day hands-on workshop on Mono-Implants was conducted by Azad Dental and Implant Center in collaboration with Implants Swiss at Ideal International Hospital, Islamabad on 11th December 2022. Prof. Brig. Azad Ali Azad SI(M), (Retd), CEO of Azad Dental and Implant Center and Prof. Adnan Aslam, a leading consultant Maxillo-facial surgeon, facilitated the workshop. The workshop was initiated with a detailed lecture on patient selection by Prof. Adnan Aslam. He stressed on how to select the right case for Implants while considering systemic and local factors (both intraoral and extraoral). It was followed by a detailed lecture on Mono-implants by Prof. Brig. Azad Ali Azad SI(M), (Retd), in which he explained the detailed discourse of mono-implants/basal implants and single piece implants are and how are they different from standard implant. He also emphasized on their significance, parts of mono-implant kit, impression techniques of mono-implants and advantages of mono-implants over standard implants. After the lecture series, Prof. Brig. Azad Ali Azad SI(M), (Retd) facilitated the Hands-on session in which the participants were taught how to place implants on models. All the queries of the participants were resolved. The workshop was attended by 50 participants and all of them were highly satisfied. Participants requested the organizing team to organize more courses and workshop.